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Obstacle Running

So I did some parkour today, first time I've actually partook in a full 30 minute city session. This obstacle running based workout comes natural to me on a trail far away from paved and urbanized surfaces, however I was impressed with this new way (to me) of seeing and leveraging an urban area. Utilizing the greenway as a warmup and first set of obstacles up and down stairs, over benches, up and down the dike several times (until feel like puking or passing out, and then one more;) to the parking garages up and down the ramps hoping over railings in stride, on to sidewalks with planters and large cement walls to finish with a skip back to the bikes!

I'm not actually sure how much time passed, 20-30 minutes I suppose..enough time to jog a few miles, hit several high intensity intervals, and explore downtown Grand Forks. Turned out to be a great cross training outing with friends.
To celebrate international barefoot day (May 5), myself and 2 friends went on a barefoot run throughout the greenway in Grand Forks. Mostly offroad on the trails near the river, over sticks, logs, burrs, under trees, it was a good training run for adventure racing to say the least. No one tracked the distance but we made it at least 10Km, and pushed extremely hard in some sections including hill runs up the dike. Good stuff!

My allergies to pollen have gotten the best of me lately, however I don't seem to let it keep me down. Most docs say to quarantine myself inside to stay away, but think i'm allergic to the indoors even more :) So my best remedy for allergies, do an extreme run/bike/effort for 10 mins or smaller intervals adding up to 10 mins, just find a effort that makes your legs feel like jello, puking up whatever is in your stomach, and the light fading to black as you push beyond mental limits. The lymphatic systems gets churning and all that mucus and pollen gladly i…

It's gotta start sometime

I wanted to start this blog upon moving to Grand Forks nearly 6 years ago, and now I sit typing my first words as I'm getting ready to say goodbye. It's never too late to reflect on the past and prepare for the future. Since being encouraged (by a good friend) to start journaling, I have written several pieces on adventuring, rock hounding, minimalist running, endurance races, gardening/foraging and ideas that could benefit others in this journey we call life. I hope to add to those great experiences even more in the upcoming years and this blog will help me share my story with others and receive feedback from family and friends.. I hope to someday soon, write a book, so this is my start, cheers :)