To celebrate international barefoot day (May 5), myself and 2 friends went on a barefoot run throughout the greenway in Grand Forks. Mostly offroad on the trails near the river, over sticks, logs, burrs, under trees, it was a good training run for adventure racing to say the least. No one tracked the distance but we made it at least 10Km, and pushed extremely hard in some sections including hill runs up the dike. Good stuff!

My allergies to pollen have gotten the best of me lately, however I don't seem to let it keep me down. Most docs say to quarantine myself inside to stay away, but think i'm allergic to the indoors even more :) So my best remedy for allergies, do an extreme run/bike/effort for 10 mins or smaller intervals adding up to 10 mins, just find a effort that makes your legs feel like jello, puking up whatever is in your stomach, and the light fading to black as you push beyond mental limits. The lymphatic systems gets churning and all that mucus and pollen gladly is ejected from your system. Well that being a perfect scenario, we can't all go do extreme exercise when feeling a bit down from allergies, so here is a list of my favorite natural remedies: Allium Cepa, Butterbur extract, Astragalus, yoga, and lots of water consumption. Today it's raining so hopefully the pollen count drops a bit..


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