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Waltzing in the badlands

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been enjoying time with family and friends in the badlands of western ND and eastern MT. Good times on the blackborow, reading, sleeping in the hammock, rock hounding, cutting and polishing rocks, fixing gear, brewing sun tea and ginger ale, doing little projects around the places I’m staying, and just relaxing amongst the beautiful scenery! My computer time has been limited (by choice), except for some various projects associated with my geologic consulting business. Some camping has occurred along the way..

Speaking of books..I’ve been reading one or two a week, all on kindle seems to be missing at the moment. I had mentioned the “Sixth Extinction” in a prior post, but have been thinking more and more about observations the author had made. Humans are playing an odd experiment on earth that could have a larger impact than climate change..we and we alone have been transporting different species in the animal kingdom around the globe at rates fast…

Glacial erratics

This past week I spent most of my time in the glaciated region of ND and MN, the prior post I was in the unglaciated portion of MN:) See my travel trail here:

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of biking part of the upcoming Wilderman off road ironman course in the Pembina Gorge. Starting on gravel, that didn't last long before we descended into the gorge, across the river, the a constant up and down navigating the atv trails that pass through the gorge. In a way it felt like I was in the black hills again, not many flat stretches out there. The blackborow's 5 inch tires made easy work of the mud, but punished me on the uphills with the extra weight, however I cruised down the hills. It was a fabulous ride! Thanks to END racing for allowing me to help out once again. Wish I could be there this weekend to race or help out but I'm headed west..good luck fellow racers and volunteers!!