Glacial erratics

This past week I spent most of my time in the glaciated region of ND and MN, the prior post I was in the unglaciated portion of MN:) See my travel trail here:

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of biking part of the upcoming Wilderman off road ironman course in the Pembina Gorge. Starting on gravel, that didn't last long before we descended into the gorge, across the river, the a constant up and down navigating the atv trails that pass through the gorge. In a way it felt like I was in the black hills again, not many flat stretches out there. The blackborow's 5 inch tires made easy work of the mud, but punished me on the uphills with the extra weight, however I cruised down the hills. It was a fabulous ride! Thanks to END racing for allowing me to help out once again. Wish I could be there this weekend to race or help out but I'm headed west..good luck fellow racers and volunteers!!

I made it to a new area, for me anyway on the 4th of July. Ottertail lake, one of the larger lakes in MN, where I joined a family gathering. Not knowing many folks, I was impressed by the welcoming nature and made me feel right at home. My stand up paddle board was used by all including Justin and Nina :) I was also able to assist on another paver project, good times. Thanks much Casey family!!

The last few days I've been in Fargo catching up with friends, family, and digging into gravel pit consulting work. Yesterday I used the velo touring bike for transportation around town ( the tour de france is going on after all, I can pretend :) My route was easy in this flat land, putting on 25 miles round trip, just wish there were more bikers out there, the few I encountered were on the sidewalks..sigh.

Today I became an ambassador for Hammer Nutrition, my go to supplements to fuel my active life, endurance events, or an excruciating HIIT workout. Being an ambassador will allow me to introduce new people to the great products from Hammer Nutrition by providing samples and answering the common questions of how do you fuel properly for a training day, race, or backpacking trip. Speaking of HIIT (high intensity interval training), I do at least one day a week consisting of 10 minutes all out effort, where blacking out and almost puking are all part of the fun. This week (2 days ago) I did hill repeats on foot, barefoot that is :) Only manged 2 miles of running in all for the warm up, hill climbs, and cool down, but I was shot, and am still sore today..but it's a good sore, knowing that when the times get tough on the trail I can keep going and pull off what most believe is impossible. HIIT is the perfect combination of mental and physical training, pushing beyond your current limits to open up the next level. But don't work too hard, and remember..


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