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Alaska is beautiful, what else can I say

I booked my trip to Juneau on a whim after finding a cheap ticket, it had been 3 years since I had been to the last frontier and I was eager to go back. With a friend living there I had a home base and was excited to go adventuring! It was a full day of travel from Billings, MT thus arriving late in Juneau I did not get to see much that night. The next day (Aug 19) I was lead to a nearby trailhead for Thunder Mt (apparently its name comes from the avalanches in the winter sounding like thunder), it was raining (not surprised since it is the rainforest!) Actually it looked like I was headed through a jungle walking on large wooden planks, but that didn’t last long, I crossed a small creek and the trail went straight up, over roots, mud bogs, rocks thus entering the never-ending muskeg. At that moment I was happy to have a nice rain jacket on, gortex shoes, gaiters, and trekking poles. I could check my steps with the poles before plunging knee deep into a mud bog, or scurry across a we…

"The more you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you will go." Dr Seuss

I’ve read 6 books in the past 3 weeks, feels great to finally get back into the things which I’m sincerely passionate about, self-education, reading, and traveling. I’ve just returned from Juneau Alaska, where I managed to read nearly 5 of those books, while I listen to the rain fall outside. On my first hike in AK I fell on a steep muddy slope and put my shoulder out of place, with the mindset "everything happens for a reason" I decided to take my 2 weeks a bit easier than planned to ensure a quick recovery. I still managed to hike over 50 miles and climb 3 mountain peaks, but I did rest, eat a lot of awesome food, and read to pass the time. When you are in tune with your body and feed it nutritious food it truly is amazing how fast it can recover from injury. I was able to paddle a mile upstream on the paddle board in the Yellowstone river last night to do some fishing, so the extra rest paid off! I am still working on the Juneau adventure piece for the blog, most of my p…