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Vicarious Adventure Continues

Over 1000 blog visits in the past 6 months, that is simply amazing, thank you. This following gives me the confidence needed to continue the blog, photo books and hopefully an actual book someday soon. I have made one photo/scrap book through shutterfly of my Centennial trail adventure, as some people don’t like to read and look at photos online. The scrap books are a bit more time intensive to make and cost $ (unlike the blog), if you’re interested in buying one please send me a message. Details: 8 1/2" x 11", soft cover, 27 pages including select text from blog and 187 photos. 

I’ve been laying low since racing a few weeks ago, slowly building up strength in my achilles tendon so I can go play again. Catching up on volunteering/helping friends and family with projects. I recently had the opportunity to spend a relaxing week at a good friend’s family cabin on Upper Cormorant Lake in Minnesota. This cabin being quite primitive, (especially in the winter) feels like camping …

Extreme North Dakota Racing Report

Well it’s been over a week since endtombed and endtrails, last week I was in full recovery mode after injuring my Achilles tendon on the 4th running lap Sunday. Didn’t want to quit for the day only 6 hours in, but I was in pain and didn’t want to injure the Achilles more, I still have a lot of adventuring to do in the near future!! Leading up to the race, I was mentally prepared to bike 100 miles on the Salsa Blackborow. I had put 500 miles on the fatbike in the last 6 months, and had one good 30 mile outing in the sandhills about a month prior to the race. My farthest biking excursion in one day prior to this year’s endtombed had been 50 miles which I had rode during last year’s endtombed on a full suspension Kona.
Come race day it was tough to be mentally focused, I haven’t been around the GF area in a few months and was happy to see all the friendly faces. But knew that I had to put all of my attention on riding if I was going to pull off 10 laps in 12 hours. I made a pact with m…