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Home Sweet Home - Maui

Flying back to Maui from Molokai was the most entertaining flight I’ve ever been on considering we flew over the sea cliffs and then past the north side of Maui which I had never seen either. Those pieces of terrain with their various valleys and jungles just inspired me to keep adventuring more, there is so much to see in nature once you start exploring. Arriving at the airport in Kahului this time just felt like any other day in paradise, I was home! My comfort with living out of a backpack on an island in the middle of the ocean had evidently moved from not only my mind but my body signals displayed my comfort with arriving back on Maui. The community is what really sets Maui apart from Molokai. There is a progressive movement on Maui representing renewable energy, respect for the land, healing and growing organic food from the land, love your people, live happy and healthy, no worries and no crime (well there is little compared to mainland, and Molokai had essentially NO CRIME).