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Pure Happiness, Maui part 3

This one is mostly pictures, I did not keep a written journal during my 3 weeks at 3rd Day Nursery, the experience was always intrinsically rewarding and living life in the present was an utmost priority. It felt good, and to live with all those random wonderful people, it was pure bliss, I will forever have a spot in my heart for Maui. 

Many rainbows in Kula

I spent one more week at the goat farm before finding a spot at 3rd day nursery. At this point I was well on my way to turning this Hawaii backpacking adventure into a wwoofing adventure, but take life as it comes there’s no reason to shape it and have expectations. Maui gave me a glow of happiness that I still haven’t been able to comeback from, my heart is overflowing with joy and I was re-energized to the capacity of a kid running around barefoot without care in the woods. More on this later as it was evident during my most recent Utah adventure!
The nursery became the ultimate wwoofer experience, 15 people living on 2 acres …

Living the Dream, Maui part deuce

Life on the goat farm was a flashback to growing up in Medora. Our host had two teenagers so he played the father figure, we just fit into the family and followed the work hard play hard culture. We had agreed to help build a new fence and thus create a new pasture for the goats. So the first day we started clearing old fence, cutting back the tall grass, and trimming tree limbs as needed. There were neighbors that stopped by often to see what was being worked and have a short conversation, so it was easy to meet the neighborhood just by putting in a few hard days of work. This was hard work, manual labor, it’s as hard as you make it, can be a game at times, or similar to going to the gym for a workout, except you not only sweat, BUT: get dirty, hit your thumb with the hammer, cut yourself on the barbwire, get hives from the fresh cut grass, sunburned, and shit on from a bypassing bird. However the work was still intrinsically rewarding in the present and all those discomforts floate…