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Molokai - The Friendly Island

Just like that I was boarding a ferry headed to Molokai with no plan at all except to experience a new island and the culture it had to offer. It was a very rainy day, thus my first close up views of Molokai were not very good. The drizzle scared all but myself and 2 others from the top deck of the boat, rain continues to amaze me, especially since most humans think they are gonna melt or something if they get wet, I love the rain and have learned how to embrace those wet moments! Once landing on the pier, it juts out of the island quite a ways, I would learn later because of the large oceanic shelf on that side of Molokai, it still is the best place in the Hawaiin islands to fish! Getting off the boat I wasn’t in a hurry, grabbed my pack and started walking into the nearest town. I could already tell that Molokai was under developed especially when compared to Maui. My walk was good, especially after sitting for 2 hours, I caught up with a woman that was also on the boat, we exchang…